Waitlist Requirements/Specifications

 We attempt to make this as fair as possible without it being to confusing. If you have any questions about our waitlist process, please feel free to email, call, or text me. 

Wait Lists



Notification ListNo Deposit Required

You may request to be notified once a female of your choice is bred, pregnancy is confirmed, or when her litter is born (whichever is applicable). This option does not guarantee that you will get the puppy that you want, nor does it hold a spot. However, we will keep you up-to-date on the mom of your choice. If at anytime you would like to have a guaranteed pick in a litter you can contact us to be added to the "Wait List". 



Wait ListRequires a $100 Deposit if puppies are unborn or a $200 deposit if puppies are born.

We place our puppies on a spay/neuter contract. We do allow breeding rights under the right circumstance so please discuss this with us prior to deposit if you are interested in this option.


The $100 deposit required to be placed on our “Wait List” goes towards the total purchase price of the puppy. Those that have placed a deposit for our “Wait List” have priority choosing of the puppy of their choice in the order of deposits placed. Gender is guaranteed.


Those placing a deposit for our “Wait List” will be required to fill out a contract. The contract includes what number the applicant is on our “Wait List”, and allows us to know individual preferences such as color and gender. 


All “Wait List” deposits are non-refundable.Exceptions to this include, if the gender of your choice is not produced, or if a deposit is placed prior to pregnancy confirmation and the female of your choice does not deliver. If either of these events occur a full refund will be granted or the applicant can choose to move to another litter’s “Wait List” (please understand that the deposits that have already been placed on an upcoming litter have priority pick). 

“Wait List” deposits on multiple litters is allowed. Each litter’s list that you are requesting to be on requires a separate $100 deposit and will go towards the total purchase price. This allows for a higher chance of getting the color and gender of your choice. For example: if litter #1 is due in January and has three persons on the “Wait List”, and litter #2 is due in March and has zero on the “Wait List”, you can place a deposit on both litters guaranteeing you #4 pick on litter #1, and #1 pick on litter #2. This does not require purchasing multiple puppies. This allows you to move to upcoming litters and hold your place; once a puppy is chosen you will be removed from future lists.


Communication– The “Wait List” contract will ask for preferred contact method. This is very important; you must be prompt in response. Those on our “Wait List” will be contacted by preferred method once puppies are born, and will be provided details such as how many females/males there are and a litter picture. We will attempt to contact applicant two times. If we do not receive a response within one week of initial contact applicant forfeits their place on our waitlist and will not receive a refund. At this time an additional $100 puppy deposit will be required to hold your spot on our “Wait List”. This additional $100 is if a “Wait List” deposit was placed prior to puppies being born. 


Puppy Choosing Time– We do puppy picks at 6 or 8 weeks old in order of deposit. This allows for individual personalities of our puppies to stand out. Puppy choosing can be done in person, through pictures/videos, or through Facetime. These appointments are typically scheduled in the evening if a weekday or anytime from Friday-Sunday. 

We send out weekly updates from birth until they go home. These updates include pictures and occasional videos as well as general information on their wellbeing and development. 


Please note we reserve the right for pick of the litter if we so choose. However, we typically plan this out in advance and we are transparent about this. 

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