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Interested in a puppy from Twin Creek, and want to know the process? 

View the "Available Puppies" tab. We keep that page up to date at all times with puppies that are available to go home now, and younger litters with open waitlists. The "Upcoming Puppies" subpage stays updated with expected, and planned litters. Note: our website is easier to navigate and view on a laptop or tablet versus a cell phone. 

Puppies available to go home now: this means they are 8+ weeks old and those on that litters waitlist have chosen their puppy and any remaining is available to place a deposit on. To reserve a puppy it is $200, and goes towards the full purchase price. A contract that includes the bill of sale, health guarantee, and spay/neuter contract (unless discussed beforehand for breeding rights) will need to be filled out and signed. Puppies can be picked up at our home or we can meet up to a reasonable distance as the schedule allows. 

Waitlist open: a reservation fee of $200 (goes towards the full purchase price) can be placed for priority choosing from a younger litter or an expected litter with an open waitlist. Puppy selections are at 7-8 weeks old and go in order of those on the list. Waitlists are kept current on the "Available Puppies" and "Upcoming Puppies" tabs at all times. Click on the PDF button to view the Waitlist Contract. 

Notification list: interested in a puppy from a future litter without an open waitlist? You can request to join our notification list. Please reach out and provide your information that includes name, email, and phone number, along with timeframe and breed that you are interested in. No fee is required for this list, and does not guarantee that a puppy will be available in the timeframe requested. However, those on the notification list are contacted and offered a waitlist spot once it opens prior to the general public, and posted on our website. We only offer a few limited spots until the puppies are born and we know an exact number of puppies that will be available. Prompt response will work in your favor. 

What You Can Expect From Twin Creek Puppies

  • Heath testing: we carefully choose our parent dogs, not only based on temperament, but also for health testing results. We are very picky on who we choose to move forward with in becoming new parents. We do not just stop at genetic screening, but also look at hips, elbows, eyes, and heart for any possible issues that could be passed onto offspring. 

  • Healthy puppies: all puppies receive a full wellness exam from our veterinarian along with age appropriate vaccinations. Regular deworming is done and fecal samples evaluated by our veterinarian office for parasite free puppies. All puppies go home with a 2 year health guarantee. We care about the welfare of our puppies into the future, and do not take the responsibility of producing healthy puppies lightly. 

  • Socialization: we spend large amounts of time in helping  prepare our puppies for their new homes. It is not just about making sure our puppies are well fed and basic needs met. We follow a protocol that includes; spot potty training, crate introduction, introduction to different sounds, sights, environments, and things to help build confidence and prepare them for their new home and life. 

  • Temperament evaluations: you may be wondering why we wait so long for puppy selections. We feel that knowledge of our puppies individual personality is very important in allowing a family to choose a puppy. Every household is different, and have different needs/wants in a puppy. Allowing individuals to choose a puppy before we have a solid idea on individual personalities reduce the chance of that puppy being successful in that household. 

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