Please read the purchase agreement & health guarantee in its entirety before choosing to purchase or put a deposit down on a puppy. By putting a deposit down on a puppy, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions within this contract.



Purchase Agreement


  1. We require a non-refundable $200 deposit to hold your puppy.   

  2. This deposit is non-refundable, unless there is a problem with the health of your puppy. In that case, the buyer will have their choice of a full refund or of transferring that deposit toward another puppy. 

  3. The full purchase price must be paid in full prior to, or the day of puppy pickup. If puppy is being delivered via ground transport or shipping full payment is required 48 hours prior to delivery date. 

  4. Delivery is an additional charge and typically ranges from $500-$700.

  5. We sell our puppies on a spay/neuter contract. We do allow breeding rights for an additional charge to ethical breeders, and comes with a breeding quality guarantee. 


Health Guarantee


  1. The puppy will not be available to go home until the age of 8 weeks.  We will not, under any circumstances, let the puppy leave before it is ready.

  2. The puppy will be up to date on shots and worming medicine at the time of delivery or pickup.  It is very important that you continue the vaccinations and worming. It is not recommended that you expose your puppy to other dogs that are not vaccinated until he/she has completed the entire vaccination schedule – around 16-20 weeks old. 

  3. The puppy will have been health checked by a licensed veterinarian and deemed in good health at the time of sale.  

  4. The Buyer is to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 72 business hours from the time of delivery or pickup. Failure to do so will void this contract and its guarantees. 

  5. If within 72 hours, a licensed veterinarian finds the puppy to be unhealthy or unfit for sale, the puppy may be returned for a full refund – provided the puppy has not been injured or neglected. Documentation must be provided from the veterinarian that includes a written statement deeming the puppy “unhealthy for purchase”. 

  6. This guarantee does not cover any health issues caused by neglect or injury from the buyer. 

  7. This guarantee does not include minor illnesses and health issues such as colds, allergies, internal or external parasites or umbilical hernias.  However, any known health issues or illnesses will be disclosed by the breeder prior to the sale of the puppy.

  8. The breeder can not assume responsibility for this puppy after 72 hours of the sale. The buyer is responsible for the proper care of the puppy and keeping it free from harm. 

  9. The buyer is responsible for all medical expenses incurred after the sale. 

  10. The puppy comes with a two year guarantee against any genetic diseases.  If this should occur the puppy will be returned to the breeder for a full refund. For this guarantee to be honored the genetic disease must be recognized by a licensed veterinarian and documentation provided to breeder. 

  11.  If the buyer chooses to keep the puppy in the event a genetic disease is found the breeder is not obligated to refund the price of the puppy. 

  12. If the puppy is returned within 30 days for any other reasons that are not listed in clauses 5. & 10., only half of the purchase price will be refunded.  If the puppy is returned after the 30 days no money will be refunded.