Primary contact/caregiver: Logan 

Advertisement, web editor, caregiver: Carrie (wife)

Helpers: Peyton (7), Layton (1) (children)

Support/helper: Thomas (Carrie’s Dad)



            Twin Creek Puppies began 20+ years ago with Thomas, alongside me (Carrie) and my siblings, raising Siberian Huskies. A strong love for dogs ran in the family, and this was something we could do together as we endeavored to produce puppies that were not only healthy, but well socialized with lovely temperaments making them the perfect match for the right family. From the very start of this breeding program, the number one priority is that our puppies and parent dogs are healthy, happy, and loved. Secondly, that our puppies find a good match. Not only is it important that our puppies find good homes, but that our customers are able to find the best match for their specific family and lifestyle. 

             10 years ago doodles became apart of TCP; Goldendoodles and Labradoodles were the first to come on board. Then 2.5 years ago Kono, our Bernese Mountain Dog, joined our program and gave us our first litter of Bernedoodles in 2019. Doodles are now our only breed; we no longer raise huskies. 

            Approximately 3 years ago Thomas handed the breeding program over to Logan for him to become sole caregiver.  However, Thomas is still a big part of the program and does a lot for us. As time has gone on a lot of things have changed with our program. 20 years ago genetic testing dogs was unheard of, and hip testing was barely known. We love that now those things can be done to better the chances of the healthiest pups possible. Unfortunately, like everyone else, we cannot guarantee that we will have no health issues in our puppies. To decrease those chances our parent dogs are genetic health tested and hip tested. Along with OFA we also PennHIP test. We feel that both tests used in conjunction allow us to be more selective in our breeding program to improve the hips of our puppies. 

            Our puppies come with a spay/neuter contract.  We do allow breeding rights under the right circumstances, so please inquire if breeding rights are wanted. Puppies do come with a genetic health guarantee and can be viewed under its tab. We have recently extended our guarantee, and is now covered for two years.  We do now have a waitlist and if interested in being added to that please click on the waitlist tab and read all requirements/specifications before emailing us and requesting to be added to the waitlist. 

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