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Our Mission

We strive to continually place wonderful family companions that are well rounded, with sound temperaments, and longevity of life.

Health in our puppies is of utmost priority.

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We are a small breeding program that is family run. As a family affair every puppy we raise is showered with love, care, and attention. We focus on creating a nurturing environment where our furry friends can thrive and bring joy to their forever families.


We have been breeding and raising puppies as a family for 10+ years, with one of us being raised in the breeding world since 8 years old. While with experience comes knowledge, we never stop researching and learning ways to continue to better and improve our program. 

The environment that our parent dogs live and thrive in are important to us. While our parent dogs are chosen to join our family for a purpose; their happiness, and well-being comes first and is extremely important to us.  Our dogs are apart of our family and are loved and cared for like they deserve. Our dogs during awake hours spend their time socializing with us, playing with the kids, and running outside as a pack with each other. We live rural on a heavily wooded property so because of the mess of dirt, leaves, and burs our dogs are groomed very frequently and coats are kept short for practical reasons. 


We believe everyone deserves that special dog that can bring joy and companionship to the home for many years. We believe in well-bred. Our parent dogs are carefully chosen based on temperament, structure, and health testing results.


We believe in the importance of proper socialization starting at the beginning while with the breeder. Early Neurological Stimulation is introduced from days 3-16 of a puppies life. Once puppies are 4 weeks old and enter the socialization period our puppies are introduced to new sights, sounds, textures, and environments. Our 2 kids are heavily involved, and do a wonderful job of preparing our puppies for little humans. We strive for confident puppies that will adjust easily into their new homes.


We believe in transparency and ethical practices. Our puppies receive a full wellness exam by our licensed veterinarian prior to joining their new homes. If any issues arise, no matter how small or insignificant, those are disclosed and discussed. All of our puppies go home with a 2 year health guarantee to protect against congenital and genetic issues. We are here for our puppies now, and into the future. 

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